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  • 12HR DC Fan

    Although rotary fans offer consumers an efficient solution to cooling on a hot day, the biggest annoyance of rotary fans is the loud, droning noise that they add to an otherwise quiet environment. This irritation has been heavily reduced with Midea’s new 12HR flagship fan, with its whisper-quiet operation that reaches an amazing 17 decibels (approximately 50% less than conventional fans), the equivalent of which would be listening to someone whispering across a room.

    In addition to this impressive feat, the 12HR boasts an all-new DC motor which reduces energy usage by up to 70% compared to conventional fan motors. Beyond its technical abilities, the 12HR is also an accomplishment in aesthetics. The control pod is one of the most eye-catching elements of the entire design, with a large, electric-blue LED performance display and a rotary manual control wheel on top, which the remote control borrows to achieve consistency for the user experience.

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