• Ice Circuit
    5 times heat transfer efficiency

    The newly designed refrigerant circuits use improved refrigerant radiation technology to cool down both the heat exchanger and E-box efficiently,
    which significantly upgrades the unit's performance under high ambient temperatures.
  • Heat Dissipation: E-box Air Grid Enlargement
    The number of grids on the outdoor E-box has been increased from 1 to 4 to help dissipate heat faster.
  • Acceleration: High Frequency Racer Tech
    The Inverter QuattroTM's High-Frequency Racer Tech enables the compressor
    to race at the full-speed frequency almost instantly upon startup, providing powerful cooling as soon as you switch on the air conditioner.
  • Rotation: Intelligent Dusting Switch
    Apart from the bionic fan blades, the Welling DC motor itself can rotate in reverse to get rid of the sand and dust from outside, ensuring that the AC is clean and functions well under high ambient temperatures, only for selective models.
  • Stability Protection: Wide-range Voltage Operation
    The Midea PCB (Power Circuit Board) was enhanced to increase its ability to withstand voltage fluctuations (overloads), thus ensuring your air conditioner stably running under wide voltage operations without a separate voltage stabilizer.
  • Energy Saving Gear Shift
    Midea inverter air conditioners offer three operating power options: 50%, 75%, and 100%. You can choose a lower power level with the Gear button on the remote controller to conserve energy when you feel the cool is enough.
  • Healthy Dual Filtration
    The Dual Filtration system thoroughly eliminates harmful substances through the 2 steps, providing fresh and clean air to you.
  • Smart
    App-Based Remote Control

    Based on the cloud service under M-Smart Security Protocol, the MideaAIR app makes your home life easier, smarter and more comfortable with versatile functions just in hand.

    Discover the MideaAIR to get your home life connected.
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