• Insta Heater
    This heating belt preheats the inverter upon start-up, to get rid of the external coldness and get the compressor prepared for quick heating. The increased heat exchange area improves the efficiency of heat transfer,allowing faster heating.
  • Inverter Quattrotm Compressor
    The Inverter QuattroTM's High Frequency Racer Tech enables the compressor to race at the ultra-high speed frequency almost instantly upon start up, providing powerful cooling as soon as you switch on the air conditioner.

  • Base Pan Heater
    With 1.9 times of former output power and brand-new stainless steel material, the base pan heater can quickly melt and remove snow & ice in the outdoor unit, ensuring stable heating capacity.
  • ThermoStatic Technology
    Keeping you steadily cool within 0.5 °C
    Thanks to the precise control of the Inverter Quattro™ ’s micro-chip, Midea’s air conditioner can easily maintain the desired temperature by varying the compressor speed without repeatedly turning on and off, keeping you feel comfortable with steady temperature within 0.5°C.
  • 3D Airflow
    The directional air-outlet moves automatically both horizontally and vertically, directing nice and cool air with the angled airflow to fill in every corner of the room.
  • PrimeGuard™
    Midea’s PrimeGuard™ is more resistant in oxidation & corrosion than ordinary fins for condensers to furnish a steadier and long-lasting performance. It can also efficiently prevent bacteria from breeding and oil stain from adhering, and withstand weather elements to enhance durability.
  • Diamond-edged and T-shape Casing
    The Diamond-edged Casing, Archimedes’ screw-shaped air outlet and T-Shaped top cover together keep rain or sand away from the unit, ensuring stable operation of the interior.
  • Healthy
    Dual Filtration
    The Dual Filtration system thoroughly eliminates
    harmful substances through the 2 steps, providing fresh and clean air to you.
  • Smart
    App-Based Remote Control
    Based on the cloud service under M-Smart Security Protocol, the MideaAIR app makes your home life easier, smarter and more comfortable with versatile functions just in hand.Discover the MideaAIR to get your home life connected.
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