• Powerful Cooling
    Flash Cooling and 3D Airflow Technology.

    Media air conditioner is able to rapidly drive up or down the temperature near air
    outlet in only 30 seconds. Meanwhile, directional air-outlet moves automatically both horizontally and vertically, directing cool air to fill every corner of the room.
  • Comfort
    Thermostatic Technology. Keeping you steadily cool within 0.5 °C.
    Thanks to the precise control of the Inverter Quattro™ ’s micro-chip, Midea’s air conditioner can easily maintain the desired temperature by varying the compressor speed without repeatedly turning on and off, keeping you feel comfortable with steady temperature within + 0.5°C.

  • Healthy
    Dual Filtration.
    The Dual Filtration system thoroughly eliminates
    harmful substances through the 2 steps, providing fresh and clean air to you.
  • Smart
    App-Based Remote Control
    TBased on the cloud service under M-Smart Security Protocol, the MideaAIR app makes your home life easier, smarter and more comfortable with versatile functions just in hand.Discover the MideaAIR to get your home life connected.
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