18HP V5 X Series VRF (60Hz)

The best choice for large projects

رقم الطراز: MV5-X500W/V2DN1

  • All DC inverter compressor and all DC fan motor
  • High efficiency heat exchanger
  • Wide capacity range and operation range
  • Long piping length
  • 5 stages oil control

اللون: White


V5 X Series is a range of high performance VRF outdoor units. With capacities ranging from 8HP to 88HP in 2HP increments, the V5 X brings high efficiency, high reliability cooling and heating to large and small projects. The V5 X offers a variety of outstanding capabilities. Able to support piping lengths of up to 1000m and height differences up to 110m, the V5 X becomes the best choice for high-rise buildings.