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12 KG Washer Front Load | MF Series

12 KG Washer Front Load | MF Series

The Lunar dial tracks progress and improves user experience, and the Health Guard Technology removes stubborn stains and kills harmful bacteria.
  • Lunar Dial

    Inspired from the splendor and purity of luna, we have Lunar Dial as the key element of Midea Laundry Series. Different from traditional knobs, Lunar Dial integrates the functions from both knob and screen display, offering you more direct laundry experience.

  • Health Guard

    Auto Clean cycle will be automatically activated to have inner and outer drum totally cleaned. Steam Care will have drum heated to develop steam to reach 99.99% * sterilization

  • Drum Clean

    Manually selected from touch panel, then drum will have 1/3 water in and heated up to 90℃ to have drum —— Anti-bacteria and high temperature to kill germ.


Lunar dial
Lunar dial
This is one of the most unique and special solutions included in our washing machine – a designer Lunar dial which combines a practical display with a convenient dial switch. Choose a program and then you will see its details on a round display, which has been inspired by a full moon!
Steam Care
Steam Care
Good hygiene goes hand in hand with care for the health of your loved ones! The Steam Care feature generates hot steam which removes up to 99.99% of germs and microorganisms before the main wash. This feature is particularly useful if there are any allergy-prone people in your household and you want all your clothes and textiles to be sterile.
Do you want to do your laundry before going out, but you are afraid it won’t finish in time? Use Turbo mode to shorten the wash cycle by up to 40%!
Add clothes
Add clothes
Have you ever started your washer only to find out you have got some socks or a shirt that could use some refreshing? This is no longer a problem, as you can simply put more clothes in. Simply push and hold the Start/Pause button for 3 seconds, and add your clothes!
Wide door
Wide door
You’ll find that the Midea washer’s door are wider than the standard door, allowing you to put in a quilt, bedsheets or curtains with no problem – one motion is enough. A unique and elaborate door design make your washer present itself marvellously in your bathroom or kitchen.
How to deal with stains left by beetroots, carrot juice or tomato soup? Pre-wash comes to your aid, dissolving and removing even the most stubborn stains!
Quick wash in 15 minutes
Quick wash in 15 minutes
Do you only have a short time to do your laundry? Fifteen minutes – this is enough to wash a small volume (less than 1 kg) or some clothes that only need refreshing.
Auto Clean
Auto Clean
A clean washer drum means hygienic laundry! An automatic drum cleaning program effectively flushes out any dirt.


Full specifications

  • Specifications
    • Rated Washing Capacity(kg)
      12 Kg
    • Rated Spinning Capacity(kg)
      12 Kg
    • Rated drying Capacity
    • Volume Of Inner Tub
      64.0 L
    • Diameter Of Inner Tub
      510 mm
    • Door Diameter
      330 mm
    • Door Outer Frame Diameter (outer)
      480 mm
    • Net Dimensions (WxDxH)
      595 × 574 × 850
    • Gross Dimensions (WxDxH)
      680 × 695 × 875
    • Net Weight (Kg)
      72 Kg
    • Gross Weight (KG)
      76 Kg
    • Loading Q'ty
      40 ft High

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  • Customer Support
    Customer Support

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