600CFM 2-Pipe 4-Way Cassette 50(60)Hz

The cassette is designed for use in all forms and sizes of commercial offices & retail environments


  • Stylish panel with large air flow outlet
  • Standard built-in drain pump with 750mm pump head
  • Fresh air intake

Color: White


Four air discharge ports provide strong air flow circulation to cool or heat every corner of a room and evenly control temperature. High airflow mode can maximize the conditioning effect in rooms that are over 3m high.

Stylish Panel with Large Air ow Outlet

4-way air supply panel is standard for 4-way cassette. 360°air supply panel is standard for compact 4-way cassette.

High-lift Drain Pump

Standard built-in drain pump with 750mm pump head for normal size and 500mm for compact size.

Fresh Air Intake

Fresh air can enter through the cassette unit so you can enjoy even fresher air in a room.

Type AC FCU 2-Pipe 4-Way Cassette
Air volume H/M/L (m3/h) 1000/850/720
Rated cooling capacity H/M/L (KW) 5.7/4.73/3.96
Rated heating capacity H/M/L (KW) 9.66/7.72/6.27
Water flow rate(L/min) 16.4
Cooling Water pressure drop(kPa) 23.8
Panel dimension(WxHxD)(mm) 950×45×950
Body dimension(WxHxD)(mm) 840×230×840
Net weight(KG) 25.0
Power Supply (V-Ph-Hz) 220V-240V-1Ph-50(60)Hz