Horizontal Type AHU

AHU as the chiller terminal to provide you with more comfortable and convenient environment.


  • High strength, high reliability
  • Outstanding cold-bridge free structure
  • High performance heat exchanger
  • Low noise design & Low air leakage rate
  • Improved indoor air quality

Color: StainlessSteel


Horizontal Type Air Handling Unit adopts unitary structure design, more outstanding cold-bridge free performance, lower air leakage and more elegant appearance. Different external static pressure (ESP) can be customized to meet different kinds of applications.

High strength, high reliability

Panels are double-skin with injection of high density polyurethane. The external panel is anti-corrosion color-coated steel sheet, the internal liner is galvanized steel sheet or aluminum sheet. The unit cabinet consists of panels attaching to each other by combining with male and female aluminum alloy cards, and sealing strip tighten with concealed bolts.

Low air leakage rate

Patented “Labyrinth” panel is integrated male and female aluminum profile. Different panel of the unit casing are mounted and locked by the labyrinth profile, then fastened with bolts and nuts by embedded sheet metal inside the aluminum profile, interior steel frames are used on the panel connection to enhance the strength. Square steels would be mounted inside the units to enhance strength for large airflow casing. The air leakage rate is less than 0.14%.

High performance heat exchanger

Copper pipe and aluminum fin type heat exchanger, optimal choice of fin spacing and number of rows. Optimal water circuits design, increased heat exchange efficiency and decreased water resistance, improving unit performance efficiency. Anti-corrosive layers of the fin can be customized which assures longer coil life and lower maintenance cost.

Low noise design

Optimal fan selection, excellent working condition, efficient operation. Flexible connection at air outlet, minimizes vibration transmision. Equip with shock absorbers, decreases vibration, low noise. Tighten cabinet, secure against noise leakage.

Improved indoor air quality

Aluminum alloy frame plate type filter, stable and durable. Cover the whole return air inlet, large filter surface, higher inlet air quality. Filter can be extracted in leftward and rightward way, easy for maintenance.

Type Horizontal Type AHU
Air volume(m3/h) 30000.0
Rated cooling capacity(KW) 218.0
Rated heating capacity(KW) 379.2
Water flow rate(L/s) 10.4
Water pressure drop(KPa) 39.8
Power Supply (V-Ph-Hz) 380V-3Ph-50Hz