Super High Efficiency Series Centrifugal Chiller

Ideal choice for large commercial projects


  • Full falling-film evaporating technology
  • Dual stage compression technology
  • Patent compressor design
  • Pre-swirling guide vane technology

Color: Black


Midea Chiller has complete product lineup, with wide application range to meet variable customer requirements. Its capacity ranges from 600RT to 2200RT, including high efficiency series and super high efficiency series, which can greatly extend the product application range.The full falling film heat exchange technology and the new generation design of two-stage compression have also been used to increase the efficiency. The refrigerant charging volume can be decreased up to 40% , comparing to the flooded type.

High efficiency and Low operation cost

Midea centrifugal chiller has a COP up to 7.11 in AHRI condition. Helped by “free cooling” technology during transition season, no power consumption. Both of these greatly reduce operation costs.

Simple and convenient operation

MCS(Midea Control System), it doesn't have BMS, but need control and monitor chillers, Pre-alarm and fast trouble shooting (Big data analyse) and maintenance advise.

Reliable quality

100% run-tested in factory, large research investments and the strict requirements on product quality ensure the high reliability of the product.

Wide application

Midea centrifugal chiller with a “wide range” compression ratio design works e ciently in a variety of conditions. These include large temperature di erence with low water flow rate systems, variable primary flow systems, standard water source or groundwater systems and ice storage systems. In large projects, it is possible to minimize the initial investment and floor space by using large-capacity chillers.

Long lifespan

Keyless impeller coupling and patent design, less mechanical loss, adopts well- known brand parts to ensure stable operation, better reliability, stability and long lifespan.

Type Super High Efficiency Series Centrifugal Chiller
Power Supply (Ph-V-Hz) 400V/10KV-3Ph-50Hz
Cooling Capacity (RT) 1300.0
Cooling Capacity (kW) 4571.0
Running Power (kW) 723.7
COP (kW/kW) 6.31
Shipping Weight (kg) 14250
Running Weight (kg) 17470