Single or group control


  • Single or group control
  • Error check
  • BMS access
  • Three lock mode
  • With Air filter cleaning reminding function
  • Max. 64 indoor units

Color: White


New design and touch key Single or group control

Centralized Control

The centralized controller is a multifunctional device that user can group control or individual control and the set temperture of each unit can also different.

Three Lock Modes

The centralized controller is a better way to manage indoor units. Users can choose to lock the wireless controller, running mode, or the centralized controller's keyboard.

Wiring Example

The device connects to the master outdoor units of Midea's newly designed products to simplify and centralize the wiring configuration.

Application Example

Ensure the address is not repeated. Units can be from different systems, with up to 64 indoor units. This greatly reduces system limitations.

Air Filter Cleaning Reminding Function

CCM30 is a new design and touch key controller. The reminder to clear the filter is only available on the touch-key central controller CCM30. The "FL" icon indicates that the air filter in a given indoor unit needs cleaning.