Single unit operation Simplified user interface


  • Single unit operation
  • Simplified user interface
  • With Follow me function

Color: White


Background-light display, compact dimension Mode: Auto, Cool, Dry, Heat, Fan only One-key 26℃ Keyboard locking Address setting Follow me V4+R auto mode

Auto Mode

Auto mode is specially designed for V4+R system. Can automatically switch between cooling and heating mode based on the temperature difference between the indoor temperature and set temperature.

Background Light

The background light allows users to operate the device in a dark room. The device lights up when a button is pressed, and turns off when a given operation is completed.

Address Setting

In addition to the machine's auto addressing function, users can set the indoor unit's address on the wireless remote controller RM05/RM02.

Follow Me

With the follow me function, the temperature sensor built-in to the remote controller automatically adjusts temperature and sends it to the indoor unit, making the room more comfortable.