Simplified user interface & various personalized fucntions


  • Clean filter reminder
  • Silent mode
  • Keyboard lock
  • Remote signal receiver
  • Address setting
  • Follow me
  • One-key 26°C

Color: White


Mechanical button and small size

Clean Filter Reminder

The wired controller records the total running time of the indoor unit. When the accumulated running time reaches the pre-set value, the system will remind users to clean the indoor unit's filter. Cleaning the filter regularly keep indoor air fresh, clean and good for your health.

Silent Mode

In cooling, heating and auto mode, operating silent mode can lower running noise by setting the fan speed to low for a quieter environment.

Keyboard Locking

The locking function can be used to prevent other people from using the controller.

Remote Signal Receiving Function

KJR-29B and KJR-90D provide a signal receiver for the remote controller. Signals from the remote control can be received by a wired controller, then sent to the indoor unit for easy control.

Address Setting

KJR-29 and KJR-90D have an address setting function. Service personnel can set the address for the indoor unit for easy installation and future maintenance.

Follow Me

The temperature sensor built-in to the wired controller senses the surrounding temperature and adjusts the room temperature for perfect comfort.