90cm Gas Cooker With Gas Oven

A versatile cooker for the chef in the family!


  • Italian Design
  • Full Safety
  • Triple Glass Door
  • Rotisserie
  • Cast Iron Pan Support
  • Triple Crown SABAF Burner

Color: StainlessSteel


Designed in Italy and featuring a perfect blend of convenience and style, the 90x60 cm Vesta Gas cooker VS96048D is equipped with 5 different cooking zones and a multifunction oven.

Italian Design
Always in line with the latest technology and design trends on the market, all Midea appliances combine ease-of-use and innovation with a sleek and stylish exterior.
Full Safety
In order to avoid any serious injuries or gas leaks, Midea cooktops are equipped with a flame-failure device on each individual burner. This means that if for any reason the flame accidentally extinguishes, the burner gas flow is immediately blocked.
Triple Glass Door
In an effort to maximize safety and minimize burn risks and accidents, Midea’s cooking range features secure triple glass doors. The reflective inner glass is designed to keep the heat in, while the outer glass ensures the surface temperature is always kept as low as possible.
The rotisserie feature works in sync with the grill technology to cook various cuts of meat, maintaining an ideal cooking temperature to roast the flesh while allowing the outer skin to brown to perfection.
Cast Iron Pan Support
Further enhancing the safety of Midea cookers, cast iron pan support is stylishly designed to provide maximum stability. The cooktops can heat pots and pans of all sizes without the risk of tilting, sliding or moving.
Triple Crown SABAF Burner
The triple crown burner is a perfectly versatile technology that allows you to conveniently switch between low, medium and high heat in order to simmer, stew, or boil dishes according to your needs. The technology also helps in a more even heat distribution at the bottom of a pan, providing optimal cooking settings over a shorter period of time.
Type Gas Cooker
Colour Stainless steel
Product Dimensions (mm) 895 x 595 x 856
Oven Capacity (L) 109L
Full stainless steel Yes
5 Gas Burmer +Gas Grill Yes
Full Safety Yes
SABAF Burners Yes
Cast Iron Pan Support Yes
Triple and full inner glass door Yes
Mechanical timer Yes
Rotisserie spit Yes
Two oven lamps Yes
Multi-rack support Yes
One hand electric ignition Yes
Removable door Yes