14kg Twin Tub Washing Machine

Simple and capacious


  • Magic Cleaning Filter
  • Soak
  • Spin Air Dry
  • Transparent Lid
  • Water Inlet Selection

Color: White


Part of the Midea air-dry series, the 14KG semi-automatic washing machine features a spin-dry function ideal for a sizeable household. Durable, strong and highly-efficient, it enables you to adjust the water input to your liking, while the magic filter feature ensures cleaning. Maintainance of your washing machine will no longer feel like a chore.

Magic Cleaning Filter

Magic cleaning filter prevents soap and lint buildup in the drum and tub as well as on your clothes. The residue is collected in the filter which can easily be removed and cleaned.


According to the degreee of dirt in the fabrics, a different soaking time can be selected (10, 20 or 30 minutes)It allows to be used in conjunction with the other programs and enhances the washing effects.

Spin Air Dry

For a more effective drying process, the water is easily discharged from fabrics and clothes through the inner wind circle.

Transparent Lid

Midea semi automatic washers feature a modern transparent door, conveniently design to allow you to check on your laundry at any given moment during the cycle.

Water Inlet Selection

Allows the user to adjust the amount of water that is consumed

Type Semi Automatic Washer
Capacity (Kg) 14
Spin Capacity (Kg) 9
Width (mm) 995.0
Depth (mm) 555.0
Height (mm) 1155.0
Weight (Kg) 38.5kg
Air Drying Yes
Transparent Lid Yes
Wash noise level 68.0
Spin noise level 72.0