Top Loading Water Dispenser

Quench your thirst


  • Hot, Cold & Normal Water
  • Double safety device for preventing overheat
  • Food Grade Material
  • Stainless Steel Stretch cold tank
  • Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank
  • Child safety lock for hot water faucet

Color: White


Midea Top Load Water Dispenser YL1635SW will leave no one thirsty anymore. It is equipped with 1L of hot & 3L of cold water tanks and a prominent supply of room-temperature water. In addition it has 20L of prime cabinet space for storage.

Hot, Cold & Normal Water
Whether you prefer hot, cold or room-temperature water, Midea water dispensers are fully equipped to store different water temperatures simultaneously.
3° Cold Water
When we say cold, we mean cold. Midea water dispensers can store water at a temperature that reaches as low as 3°C, as opposed to the more traditional 8°C.
Child Safety Lock
Child Lock feature on our water dispensers leaves children unable to accidentally operate the hot water faucet in order to avoid severe burns or other related injuries.
Type Water Dispenser
Cold Water Output (L) 3
Hot Water Tank Capacity (L) 1
Preventing Overheat Yes
Double safety device for preventing overheat Yes
Child safety lock Yes
Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank Yes
Stainless Steel Cold Water Tank Yes
Food Grade Material Yes
Dimensions (mm) 310 x 360 x 1000