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General Duct
Power supply
V,Hz,Ph 380-415V,50Hz,3Ph
Cooling (T1)
Capacity (Btu/h) 41480
Input (W) 3483
Current (A) 6.19
EER(Btu/h)/W 11.91
Cooling (T3)
Capacity (Btu/h) 38460
Input (W) 4254
Current (A) 7.13
EER (Btu/h)/W 9.04
Indoor fan motor
Model ZKFN-560-8-1-1
Qty 1
Input (W) 560
Output (W) 560
Speed (Hi/Med/Lo) r/min 1020/800/600
Indoor coil
Number of rows 3.0
Tube pitch(a)*row pitch(b) mm 25.4x22
Fin spacing (mm) 1.6
Fin type Hydrophilic aluminium
Tube outside dia. and type (mm) Φ9.52, innergroove tube
Coil length×height×width (mm) 1055x356x66
Number of circuits 7
Indoor air flow (Hi/Med/Lo)
m3/h 2750/2130/1555
Rated (Pa) 50
Range (Pa) 0-200
Indoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo)
dB(A) 51.5/49.2/47.5
Indoor unit
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 1200x625x380
Net weight (kg) 53.8
Design pressure (MPa) 4.8/1.5
Drainage water pipe diameter (mm) ODΦ25mm
Controller Wired control
Operation temperature (℃) 17~30
Refrigerant piping
Liquid side (mm) Φ9.52(3/8")
Gas side (mm) Φ19(3/4")
Room temperature
Cooling (℃) 17~32
Qty’per 20’ /40’ /40'HQ
Indoor 59/124/125
Outdoor Unit
V-ph-Hz 380-415V,3Ph,50Hz
Max. input consumption (W) 5180
Max. input current (A) 8.3
Model MOT4DU-42CN1-RC5
Model ZJ42KHE-TFM-52E
Brand Copeland
Capacity (Btu/h) 35000
Input (W) 3330
Rated current (RLA) A 5.9
Locked rotor Amp (LRA) A 55
Thermal protector position INTERNAL
Refrigerant oil (ml) 3MAF POE/1242
Outdoor fan motor
Model YKT-65-6-34L
Qty 2
Input (W) 162
Output (W) 65
Speed (r/min) 765
Capacitor 3.5
Outdoor coil
Number of rows 3
Tube pitch(a)* row pitch(b) mm 21x13.37
Fin spacing (mm) 1.4
Fin type hydrophilic aluminium
Tube outside dia. and type (mm) Φ7, innergroove tube
Coil length * height * width (mm) 850x1113x40.11
Number of circuits 8
Type Throttle Valve
Outdoor unit
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 900x350x1170
Net weight (kg) 88.9
Type R410A
Charged volume (kg) 3.95
Refrigerant piping
Liquid side (mm) Φ9.52mm(3/8in)
Gas side (inch) Φ19mm(3/4in)
Max. pipe length (m) 50
Max. difference in level (m) 30
Ambient temperature
Cooling (℃) 18-54
Qty’per 20’ /40’ /40'HQ
Outdoor unit 27/57/108
Outdoor noise level (sound pressure)
dB(A) 63
Design pressure
MPa 4.8/1.5