20TON ClimaCreator Series(60HZ) Cooling Only

Convenient choice for large buildings and applications


  • Adjustable pulley
  • Durable construction
  • Flexible installation
  • External pressure gauge ports

Color: Grey


Midea rooftop package air conditioners are designed and manufactured to offer the all-in-one solutions for large halls, warehouses or other appliations.

Design flexibility

Compact design. Flanges of air flow inlet and outlet as standard. It is suitable for installation in rooftop and ground.

Durable construction

Pre-painted exterior cabinet panels pass 1000 hours Salt Spray Test for durability. Weather-resistant construction with capped steams and sloped top panels. G90 galvanized heavy gauge plate conforming to ASTM-A-653.

Customized anti-corrosion treatment

The rooftop package air conditioners with special anti corrosion treatment are suitable for seaside areas or the areas exposed to acidic substances.

Multi-protection design

Multi-measurement to ensure units operate normally and reliably: System current protection, High/low pressure switch protection, Temperature sensor on/off protection, etc. Three-phase protector can be customized.

Type Rooftop Packaged Unit
Power Supply (Ph-V-Hz) 3N~220V~60Hz
Capacity (kW) 70.3
Cooling Capacity (kBtu/h) 240.0
Air flow(CFM) 8580.0
External static pressure(Pa) 0-375
Ambient temperature 10°C - 52°C
Net dimensions (W×H×D)(mm) 1670×1247×2192
Packed dimensions (W×H×D)(mm) 1695×1284×2212
Net/Gross weight(kg) 670/700