Midea Donates Hundreds of Electronic Devices to Affected People of the Cianjur Earthquake

In order to recover the affected people by the Cianjur earthquake, PT Midea Planet Indonesia (Midea) made donations in the form of hundreds of Midea electronic devices. "This support is a form of Midea's solidarity which has become part of the life of the Indonesian people through various electronic products and services," said Hafizh Maulana, Midea's Head of Marketing Communication.

To ensure that the distribution was right on target, Midea made his donation to H. Herman Suherman, S.T., M.A.P as the Regent of Cianjur today (9/12), which was received directly by the Assistant for the Economy and Development of the Regional Secretariat of Cianjur Regency Budhi Rahayu Toyib and the Expert Staff of the Cianjur Regent Teddy Artiawan.

The donation that was given by Midea was classified as large. The package contained 90 units of electric fans along with blenders and rice cookers, with a total of 250 units of each.

Starting from the earthquake in Cianjur on November 21, until now some Cianjur people are still living in refugee camps as temporary settlements. Based on data from the National Disaster Management Agency, until November 30, 108,720 residents were still refugees, including children and the elderly who were spread over more than 300 evacuation points.

According to Hafizh Maulana, Midea considers this in making donations in the form of electronic devices. It is hoped that Midea's electronic products will be able to directly support earthquake-affected residents in their food processing and convenience needs, especially for children and elderly residents who need more attention.

Hafizh Maulana further stated that Midea's support for the restoration of the lives of residents affected by the Cianjur earthquake will not stop here. "By going directly to this location, we monitor it and are very open to options to return to provide support in the future. This includes Midea employees, which is done to foster a spirit of mutual solidarity within our organization," said Hafizh Maulana.