1.0HP All Easy Pro Wall Mounted Split

1.0HP All Easy Pro Wall Mounted Split


  • Easy Installation
    Easy Installation

  • Easy Maintenance
    Easy Maintenance

  • air magic
    air magic

  • Smart Control (Opotional)
    Smart Control (Opotional)


  • 1.0hp


  • 100-160sq.ft

    Application area

  • 2 Years (Full)


  • 5 Years (Compressor)

  • 3 Star

    Star Rating

Full specifications

  • Indoor unit
    • Indoor air flow (H)
      560 (329) m3/h(cfm)
    • Indoor Sound level (H L)
      35.5/29.5/26.5 dB(A)
    • Dimension(W*D*H)
      795x225x295 mm
    • Packing (W*D*H)
      870x370x305 mm
    • Net Gross weight
      10.3/13.1 Kg
  • Outdoor unit
    • Outdoor Sound level
      53 dB(A)
    • Dimension(W*D*H)
      765x303x555 mm
    • Packing (W*D*H)
      887x337x610 mm
    • Net Gross weight
      22.7/25.2 Kg
    • Refrigerant Charge
    • Design pressure
      4.3/1.7 MPa
  • Misc
    • Cooling Capacity
      9,300(4,305~10,986) Btu/h
    • Power consumption
      630(255~820) W
    • Running current
      2.74(1.11~3.57) A
    • CSPF(Cooling seasonal performance factor)
      6.24 Wh/Wh
    • Power supply
      220-240V~,50Hz,1Ph (power supply to outdoor ) V,Hz,Ph
    • Indoor-Outdoor connection wiring (Not included)
      4x1.5 mm2
    • Power supply wiring (Not included wire)
      3x1.5 mm2
    • Thermostat type
      Wireless Remote Control (Wifi control, Wire control optional)
  • Refrigerant piping
    • Liquid side Gas side
      Φ6.35/Φ9.52(1/4"/3/8") mm(inch)
    • Max. refrigerant pipe length
      25 m
    • Max. difference in level
      10 m

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