Midea Water Faucet Filter

High flow purified water: 2L/min high speed initial flow rate allows you to get a lot of clean water instantly. Quick connection type adapter: The adapter can be easily mounted on majority of threaded faucets. Quick connection type filter: Bayonet type installation, ensuring quick, simple and safe replacement of filter. Patented quick release filter system: The filter cartridge can be removed separately, which is convenient to replace the filter. Carbon fiber filter material: Efficient filtration of impurities in water, heterchrome odor and residual chlorine. Two-level water button: Two water outlet modes, purified water and raw water, more convenient to use water. Specifications: FP-70WFT002LMTL-N1 Flowrate: 2.0L / minute Water Pressure: 0.1-0.4 MPa Filter Life time: 1200L Product Dimension W*D*H (MM): 125*110*90 Packing Dimension W*D*H (MM): 217*195*84 Net Weight: 0.46 Kg Gross Weight: 0.56 Kg

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MSRP ₱995.00 


Full specifications

  • Specifications
    • Flowrate (L min)
      2.0L / minute
    • Water Pressure (MPa)
      0.1-0.4 MPa
    • Filter Life time (L)
    • Width (mm)
    • Depth (mm)
    • Height (mm)
    • Gross Weight (kg)
      0.56 Kg
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