Ultimate Comfort

1.0hp (12 to 18 sqm.)


Ultimate Cooling comfort, it changes your home.

  • Super Cool
  • 3D Airflow
  • Follow me
  • Self Diagnosis and Auto-protection

Color: White


Providing the most comfortable cooling experience ever, Midea Ultimate Comfort air conditioner features the elegant S-curved design that combines technology and life beauty.

Silky Cool

The Coanda Deflector blows the cooling cooling airflow upward the ceiling floor, then evenly going down around the room, avoiding air flow blowing directly on the body with "Coanda Effect".


The advanced compressor is designed to deliver comfortable, cooling air, even with outside temperatures as high as 50°C.


You can adjust the fan speed from 1% - 100%, enjoying a more comfortable cooling experience by precise wind speed control.

Low Noise

Operation as quiet as 18dB allows you to rest peacefully. The only sound is the cooling air circulating the room.

iECO mode

Midea air conditioners are equipped with iECO energy-saving technology. You can rest in comfort for 8 hours while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Type Highwall
Technical Data
Cooling Capacity 12,731 kJ/Hr
Energy Efficiency Ratio 12.9kJ/W-Hr
System Power Output 985W
Physical Data
Gross Dimension (indoor unit) 802*189*297 mm
Gross Weight 9kg /11.5kg