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How far can I extend my hose?

Most hoses will be approximatly 6ft when fully extended. 

Can I use my portable ac without a drain hose?

Yes. The water is accumulated in an internal drain pan. This water is evaporated and sent out the exhaust hose in the form of water vapor. Occassionally, the unit will need to be drained in humid environments. 

How do I drain my unit?

You can drain the unit by putting a pan behind the unit and unscrewing the drain cap. Be careful, as the water will start pouring out immediately. Keep towels close by in case splashing occurs. To completely drain the unit, tip the unit back slightly to drain the last of the water. 

What should I do before storing my unit for an extended period of time?

Make sure to completely drain the unit. Clean any moisture on the unit. It is advised to cover the unit in a non reactive plasitic to prevent dust from entering the unit. Dust buildup may lead to mold down the line. 

What are the foam strips for?

The dense foam strips are to be used above and below you window sliders to create a tight seal. The less dense foam is to seal the window sash. This is the gap between the front and back window. 

What do the error codes mean?

E1 - Room temperature sensor error. E2 - Evaporator temperature sensor error. E3 - Condenser temperature sensor error (select models). E4 - Display panel communication error. P1 - Bottom tray is full - Connect the drain hose and drain the collected water away. If protection code repeats, call for service.

How do I identify my model number and serial number?

The model number will be located on the silver nameplate on the back side of the unit. The serial number will be located on the white sticker with a barcode. The full serial number will be 22 digits long. 

How do I clean my portable air conditioner?

Due to many electrical components, it is not avised to spray the entire unit with water. You may use a non abrasive cleaner to clean the plasic panels. The air filter may be cleaned by removing from the unit and dusting off the debris into the trash can. It is not advised to remove the case of the unit. You may use a can of compressed air or an air compressor to blow out all the depris inside the unit. To empty the water tank, remove the cap and tilt the unit back. Use a pan to catch the excess water. 

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