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Why does my AC not blow cold air?

Check that your unit is set to "Cool" mode and the temperature is set lower than room temperature. Window Acs will have both a "Cool" and "Fan" mode. Listen for the sound of the compressor. It will give off a humming noise. If you do not hear the compressor turn on after a few minutes, set the temperature lower and try again. 

Why does my unit shut off before the room reaches the set temperature?

The most common cause is a restricition of the air flow going to and coming from the unit. Please check your air filter to see that it is clean and no holes are present. Next, check for anything that would impeede airflow of the unit. This includes curtains around the unit. Leaves blocking the vents on the unit. The best way to check airflow on a unit is to feel the air coming from the air vent and the air passing through the fins on  the unit (also known as the condenser). If the air flow feels weak, please clean your unit thoroughly. 

How do I clean my unit?

Due to many electrical components, it is not avised to spray the entire unit with water. You may use a non abrasive cleaner to clean the front plasic panel. The air filter may be cleaned by removing from the unit and dusting off the debris into the trash can. It is not advised to remove the case of the unit. You may use a can of compressed air or an air compressor to blow out all the depris inside the unit. Once cleaned, make sure there is no debris wedged between the fins on the back of the unit and the unit is completely dry before plugging in. 

Why is my unit very loud while operating?

An Air Conditioner will make a few sounds when operating. This includes whirling of air, gurgling of refrigerant, humming of the compressor, splashing of the water and clicking/beeping of the elecrical components. The unit should be audible when running but not louder than than speaking volume. 

Why is my unit leaking from inside my house?

Make sure that the unit has been tilted properly. The AC should be slightly tiled backwards when set in a window. This is so that the condensed water from the evaporator flows to the back of the unit to be expelled. The outdoor fan uses this water to cool the condenser, increasing unit efficiency. 

Why does my AC make my room feel dry?

An AC is also a dehumidifier. The cold coils condense water from the room, causing the room to feel dry. If your room is getting very dry, your AC may be too large for your room. Please be sure you are using the recommended AC capacity (BTU) for your room size.


Why is my remote control not working?

Please check to see there are no obstructions between the sensor of the remote and the sensor of the unit located on the display panel. Place new batteries in your remote and try again. 

What is the difference between auto mode and energy saver mode?

In auto mode, the fan speed will be automatically selected depending on the amount of cooling needed.   The fan speed will vary from High to Medium to Low and automatically adjust to the difference between the room temperature and the set temperature. Energy Saver mode will turn off the fan at the same time the compressor shuts off.   The fan will then turn on intermittently to check the room temperature and will turn on again along with the compressor if the room temperature rises above the set temperature.

What are the black foam strips used for that came with my unit?

The foam strips are used to block the window sash. Once the unit is installed, the foam is wedged between the front and back window to block air from passing through. 

How do I identify my model number?

The model number will be located on the silver nameplate on the side of the unit. The serial number will be located on the white sticker with a barcode. The full serial number will be 22 digits long. 

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