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Where can I locate my model number and serial number?

The model number and serial number are located on a sticker that you’ll see in the interior space of the unit when the lid or door is open, depending on the model.

Why does my unit stop working after the wash mode and doesn’t go into the rinse or final spin mode?

Please make sure that you have connected the water inlet hoses correctly to the cold water supply and that the supply is turned on.  Since the rinse mode uses cold water if you do not have cold water supply, the unit will not recognize the water intake and stop right before the rinse mode.

Why is the unit shaking when in the spin cycle?

Please make sure that the unit is on a flat and even surface and properly leveled.  Make sure to not overload washer. If it is your first time using the machine after installation, refer to your user manual to confirm the shipping bolts have been removed. 

Why won’t the safety door lock disengage after the washing cycle has ended?

Please make sure washer has been draining properly.  The washer door will not unlock if there is too much water left in the tub. To manually drain your washer, disconnect the drain hose from your draining location and slowly lower the end of your hose into a bucket. Do not disconnect your drain hose from the unit. When finished draining, reconnect your hose to your draining location and secure it with a zip tie.

On Combo Washer/Dryers, please allow enough time after the heating cycle is over for the unit to reach 50degree F.  The door will not unlock until it has cooled down to a safe temperature. 

Why is my washer leaking from the water inlet valve?

Please make sure the inlet hoses are in good condition and not damaged.

Please make sure that you have properly connected the water inlet hoses.

Please make sure the rubber washers are in place on the ends of the inlet hoses. 

What do I do if my unit is leaking?

Please check the water Inlet hose connections and make sure they are securely connected. If problem persist, please have the warranty department send service.

Please check the drain hose connection and make sure it is securely connected. If problem persist, please have the warranty department send service.

Please make sure the detergent and fabric softner dispensers are not cloged.

On Front load washers, please make sure the door is closing properly and gasket is not damaged.

Why is my washer not filling?

Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box and the washer plug. The washer should be on a separate outlet.

Is water turned on to the washer? Make sure the hot and cold water valves are fully open.

The washer will time out if the washer takes longer than 20 to 40 minutes to fill. This could be caused by low water pressure or clogged water valve inlet hose screens. Check the water valve screens on your water inlet hoses.

The washer cycle could have been stopped or paused by accident. Make sure the Start/Stop or Pause button was not pushed.

If the washer was stored where temperatures are below freezing, water in the hoses can freeze. Allow time for thawing and it should fill.

If unit is still not filling, please have the warranty department send service.

Why do my clothes seem very wet or saturated after the wash cycle is complete?

A “low spin" may have been selected. A low spin will eliminate less water than a high spin.

Are you using Tap Cold water temp?  Cold water can make clothes feel more wet. 

Oversudsing from too much or non HE detergent may slow down the final spin cycle, causing a suds lock.

Lower than normal spin speed/wet clothes: this occurs as a result of oversudsing. The use of HE detergent will decrease the chance of suds lock; use HE detergent only and be sure to use the recommended measured amount.  Run a drain/spin cycle to remove the excess water in the clothes.

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