Front Load Washers
Why is my Front Load washer leaking in front?

Leaks on a front load washer can be caused by soil and soap being left on the door gasket after a wash. Carefully wipe off the rubber door gasket to prevent small leaks, making sure to wipe the edge of the gasket.

Why is my Front Load washer not draining or draining slowly?

Pauses:  If your washer is not draining, wait a few minutes. It is normal to have pauses between cycles of up to 3 minutes.

Drain Hose or Plumbing:  Make sure the drain hose is not kinked or clogged.

Make sure the washer is not trying to drain more than 48" above the floor. Check your Installation Instructions for more details about drain height.

The drain hose goes into a standpipe, drain or other household plumbing.  Remove the drain hose and pour a quart of water into the standpipe or drain. If water will not drain, a plumber is recommended.

The washer pump filter may be clogged:  It is possible for small items from clothing or from pockets to pass to the drain pump. The washer does have a filter to capture these lost items so that they are not dumped into the plumbing or drain; however, if the items are captured by the filter, they cause a clog that can slow or prevent water from draining during the cycle. Your model has an access door to the pump filter in the front of the washer, it should be cleaned. Refer to your Owner's Manual for instructions on Cleaning the Pump Filter.

If the washer was stored where temperatures are below freezing, water in the pump can freeze and lock the motor. Allow time for thawing and it should start.

If unit is still not draining, please have the warranty department send service.  To manually drain your washer, disconnect the drain hose from your draining location and slowly lower the end of your hose into a bucket. Do not disconnect your drain hose from the unit. When finished draining, reconnect your hose to your draining location and secure it with a zip tie. 

Why is my Front Load washer walking, vibrating, shaking, or moving?

The Washer is designed to move 1/4” to reduce forces transmitted to the floor. This movement is normal.

The shipping bolts and braces should be removed before using your washer. Consult your Installation Instructions for removal of the shipping bolts.

Make sure the washer is level.  The washer needs to be level and sitting on a good, solid floor. If the washer is uneven, adjust the rubber leveling legs so they are all firmly touching the floor and locked in place. Refer to the Installation Instructions for proper leveling.

Make sure the leveling legs are not extended to far. The more the legs are extended, the shakier the washer will be during operation.

Unbalanced loads can cause the washer to vibrate more. Pause unit, open door and manually redistribute load. To check machine, run rinse and spin with no load. If normal, unbalance was caused by the wash load.

The pump may be clogged cousing the unbalance due to too much wataer wieght.  On Front Load Washers, Consult your Owner's Manual for directions on cleaning the pump filter.

If unit is still not draining, please have the warranty department send service.

Why do I have odor coming from my Front Load washer?

Cleaning the Door Gasket:

Regularly check and clean your door gasket.

1. Open the washer door.

2. Using both hands, press down the door gasket.

3. Remove any foreign objects, etc. if found trapped inside the gasket. Make sure there is nothing blocking the holes behind the gasket.

4. You may wipe the gasket surface with a mild detergent, diluted bleach or diluted vinegar. Be sure to wipe away any cleaning solution with warm water before using the washer.

5. When you are finished cleaning the door gasket, remove your hands and the gaskets will return to the operating position.

Clean the Pump Filter:

Due to the nature of front-load washer, it is sometimes possible for small articles to pass to the pump filter. This can restrict the draining process and may also contribute to odors.  The pump filter is easily accessible and cleaned. Check your Owner's Manual for instructions.

Clean the washer tub:

Use the Tub Clean cycle once a month to keep the wash basket free from soap and fabric softener residue that can build up and cause an odor. 

Dispenser Drawer Area:

Detergent and fabric softener may build up in the dispenser drawer. Residue should be removed once or twice a month. 

Detergent Use:

Using liquid HE detergent is recommended. Use the appropriate amount of detergent with each load. Many HE detergents are concentrated and will indicate it on the bottle. If using concentrated HE detergent, use the amount recommended by the detergent manufacturer. Sometimes using too much detergent creates oversudsing where excessive soap is trapped in the outer tub.


If the drain hose is pushed too far into the drain stand pipe, it can siphon drained water back into the washer causing a musty odor. We recommend securing the hose to the side of the stand pipe with a cable tie so this does not occur.

Why is my Front Load washer door locked?

The washer door will automatically lock when the unit has been started. If the washer is running, press the START/PAUSE button once it will pause the washer and unlock the door. It will take a few seconds for the door to unlock after pressing PAUSE. Press again to restart the wash cycle.  In some cycles the washer will drain first, and then unlock the door when it is paused. The washer performs automatic system checks after pressing the START button. Water will flow in 45 seconds or less. The door may lock and unlock before water flows; this is normal.

Do not try to force the door open when locked (LOCKED indicator ON). This could result in damage to the washer.

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