Midea All Easy Single Split Series Outdoor Unit


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  • Wider eange of supply voltage and frequency
  • Energy efficiency and conservation
  • A softer star,lower noise and vibration

Energy Saving:Save the energy,save the world With efficiency at the forefront of Midea's mission,our air conditioners are engineered with energy saving technologies to significantly reduce utility costs in your home.Not only does it help ease the financial burden of bills,but a more efficient unit means a longer lifetime of use.


The Energy Efficiency is 3 Ticks

Twin Rotary DC Inverter

Get the best of both worlds with the breakthrough in inverter technology that lets you benefit from its excellent energy saving rating that matches optimal temperatures at economical running costs.The 180° Sine Wave DC Inverter offers you these advantages

3D All DC Drive

All the key components come together in perfect unison;the engine compressors and fan motors are both integrated in a system that is made by brushless DC motor technology.

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Designed with Innovation, Built to last
Designed with Innovation, Built to last
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