Midea Opal Multi Split Series Outdoor Unit


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  • Wider range of supply voltage and frequency
  • Energy efficiency and conservation
  • A softer star,lower noise and vibration

Energy Saving:Save the energy,save the world With efficiency at the forefront of Midea's mission,our air conditioners are engineered with energy saving technologies to significantly reduce utility costs in your home.Not only does it help ease the financial burden of bills,but a more efficient unit means a longer lifetime of use.


The Energy Efficiency is 4 Ticks

Turbo Mode

Achieve the setting temperature with cool air in maximum speed with just a touch of the Turbo button.

Thermostatic Technology

Thanks to the precise control of the Inverter Quattro's micro-chip,Midea's air conditioners can easily maintain your desired temperature to within ±0.1°C.

3D Airflow

The deflectors swing automatically in all directions to intentionally direct airflow to every corner of the room.

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Save the energy,save the world