Washer-Dryer Combo MFC868W

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  • Water Magic Flow
  • Speed Wash
  • 16 Program


Front Load Washers Quick and clean wash results at your fingertips Midea front load washers are more advanced than ever with Water Magic Flow and water drop drum techology to improve washing results.Various washing modes make quick and effective work for your laundry,guaranteeing fresh garments for your household.

Efficient thorough cleaning with Three Super Water Flows

Innovative three super water flows (including wave+flow, bump+flow, and flush+flow) and the mixed washing model integrating kneading, squeezing and rinsing brings a total change to simple washing model of traditional front-loading washing machine, perfectly overcome troubles such as improper deaning, long washing time, and low efficiency, etc., and achieve the dean ratio of 1.05. That will provide you with the most spotless and perfect washing experience.

Water + Flow

Is hand wash the most effective way of cleaning? Water Magic Cube combines Water Cube tub and big cambered & wing-type lifting rib, which make the clothes folded and scrubbed during the washing process, same as hand wash effect. it will quickly and strongly dissolve stains, while get less wear & tear on the clothes.

Flush + Flow

No need to worry about the incomplete washing of thick cotton padded dothes and wing-type tilting rib has up to 93 sprinkling holes, which produces strong and gentle penetrating flows with constant change of the intelligent-controlled washing speed, materialize penetrating and rinsing effect and thus further clean the clothing fibers.

Bump + Flow

Water Magic Cube can handle the formal dress stained by red wine and fruit juice easily. Intelligent adjustment to washing speed: when the washing speed ranges between 40rpm and 80 rpm, the water flow will soak and take care the clothes, resembling a babbling brook; when the washing speed rises to 150-200rpm, the water flows will pat, flush and squeeze the clothes, resembling waterfall waves. That will bring you the sheer cleaning effect, and will help dissolving all stubborn stains.

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Fresh from laundry,straight on your body
Fresh from laundry,straight on your body
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Capacity (KG)
Wash 8.0kg / Dryer 6.0kg
Product (mm)
Water Consumption
Water Efficiency
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