2-1 Ceiling & Floor


Whether on the floor Or hanging under the ceiling, it is still cool to answer every style of you. Let you choose the design you want.

  • 2-1 Ceiling & Floor standing Air conditioner/ NonInverter R410a
  • 48,000 BTU (380V, 3Ph) Instant cooling/ high BTU rate
  • 3D Airflow : Air flow slot is suitable for both vertical and horizontal wind direction
  • Build-in Drain Pump (Optional) : Built-in water pump, capacity up to 750 mm
  • Fresh Air : open fresh air from outside via the machine.

Color: White


During the hottest times in the summer, air conditioning is a must, especially at night when everyone needs a good night's rest.

Type EN Commercial Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner Performance
Cooling Capacity (Btu/Hr) 48,000
Type / Refrigerant Non-Inverter / R410a
Application Area (m2) 65-75
Power Supply : V/Ph/Hz 380V,3Ph,50Hz
Power(Watt) 5,150
FCU (Indoor Unit) Spec
Air flow circulation (High/medium/low) (m³)/cm 2,300x1,900x1,700
Noise level (High/medium/low) (decibels) 57/53/50
Dimension W x D x H (mm.) 1,650x675x235
Packing W x D x H (mm.) 1,725x755x313
Net weight (kg.) 39
Gross weight (kg.) 45
CDU (Out Door Unit) Spec
Dimension W x D x H (mm.) 62.4
Packing W x D x H (mm.) 900x350x1,170
Net weight (kg.) 1,032x443x1,307
Gross weight (kg.) 91.3
Noise volume level at high speed (decibels) 102.9
Type of Refrigerant
Type/Weight (Kg.) R410a/3.00
Liquid pipe mm (inch) Ø9.52/Ø15.9(3/8"/3/4")
Installation of refrigerant pipes
Maximum Pipe Length (m.)/Length(m.) 50
Maximum Pipe Length (m.)/Height(m.) 30