GAIA Series Features


H13 HEPA Filter

Ensure pure fresh air in your home by eliminating PM0.3, fungi, pollen, and other dust impurities with the H13- HEPA filter.


Intelligently detect and remind you when the filter requires change and you may replace it in just 4 easy steps.


Fresh Air Technology

Enjoy oxygen-rich air with the hybrid fresh air exchange system.


Stale indoor air will be replaced with oxygen-rich air from outdoor preventing air conditioning sickness.



GAIA cleans better than normal self-cleaning with its 6-step self cleaning  (I-Clean technology) at up to 56°C high temperature to deeply purify the evaporator, keeping the air conditioner cleaner and longer lasting.


Breezeless Technology

Eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of direct air blowing at you with the TwinFlap softening and deflecting the harsh airflow with its 7928 mini holes.


3 adjustable breezeless modes to adjust the level of airflow from Breeze away to Breezeless.


ECO Mode

Energy consumption can be reduced up to 60% of its normal power consumption with just the press of the iECO mode.


Smart Control

Turn on your GAIA before reaching home with the Midea App via voice commands or tap of a button to ensure you always come back to a cooled home.


Monitor data such as humidity & temperature and set alerts for HEPA filter replacement, high temperature, and humidity.


Quiet Operation

All new aerodynamic design of GAIA enable cool air to flow through smoothly with minimal friction leading to silent operation ensuring you get a good night rest.


High fan mode: 39.1dB (Example: Quiet library)

Low fan mode: 22.5dB (Example: Leaves rustling)

Silence mode: 19.3dB (Example: Breathing)

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