How do I change the humidity on my unit?

Please confirm that the unit is not in "Continuous" or "Comfort" modes. Continuous mode will run the unit constantly. Comfort mode will automatically set the humidity to 50%. For newer Most Efficient Energy Star units, there is a "+" and "-" button under the Comfort mode. Using these buttons will automatically quit the Comfort mode and allow you to set the humidity. 

How do I control the humidity?

The readout on the unit is the Humidity the unit is set to, not the temperature. Humidity is measure by relative concentration of water vapor in the air. The larger the number, the more damp the air will be. The typical comfortal humidity setting is 50% humidity. 

How to set up the continuous drain hose?

The unit will accept a standard size drain hose. Follow the instructions in your manual for attaching the hose to unit. When guiding the hose to your drain point, your hose should never be higher than your drain point on the unit. The unit uses gravity to feed the water down the hose. 


How to set up the pump hose?

For the units that do have pumps, there will be a small clear hose that comes with your unit. Attach the hose to a small drain connector near the bottom of your unit. Remove the bucket from the unit and check that the drain pump filter is still attached. This is normally a long tube with a spherical filter at the end. If this is not attached, the pump will not work properly. 

What do the error codes mean?

AS - Humidity sensor error - Unplug the unit and plug it back in. If error persists, contact Customer Service. ES - Tube Temperature sensor of the evaporator error - Unplug the unit and plug it back in. If the error persists, contact Customer Service. P2 - Bucket is full or bucket is not in right position - Empty the bucket and replace itin the right position. (only available for theunit with no pump feature.) E3 - Unit malfunction - Unplug the unit and plug it back in. If error persists, contact Customer Service. Eb - Bucket is removed or not in right position - Replace the bucket in the right position. (only available for the unit with pump feature.)

What is the extra plasic piece in my box for?

The extra part is to wind your power cord around for extended storage. This piece slides into the lower back of your Dehumidifier. It is an optional accessry and not needed for normal operation. 

How do I identify my model number?

The model number will be located on the silver nameplate on the back side of the unit. The serial number will be located on the white sticker with a barcode. The full serial number will be 22 digits long. 

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