Side-by-Side (SBS) Series - HC689WE

Side-by-Side (SBS) Series - HC689WE

A modern design with large capacity and suitable for your favorite kitchen at home.
  • Fresh Keeping Technology
    Fresh Keeping Technology

    The humidity is regulated by cold air flow so the vegetables & fruits stay fresh and last longer.

  • Multi-Air Flow
    Multi-Air Flow

    Cooling air-flow spread evenly to every sides of the refrigerator.

  • Invinite Inverter
    Invinite Inverter

    Compressor with inverter which save the electricity and with a maximum cooling without any noise (silent).


  • 145

    Power Consumption (W)

  • Silver


Full specifications

  • General Specification
    • Type
    • Capacity (Ltr) Nett Gross
      525 / 600
    • Net Refrigerator Freezer (Ltr)
      348 / 177
    • Size (WxDxH) mm
    • Net Weight (Kg)
  • Warranty
    • Compressor
      12 years
    • Sparepart
      2 years
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