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Rice Cooker


  • Intelligent Cooking Curve

    Intelligent cooking curve includes preheating, soaking, heating, boiling, simmering, and auto keep-warm. It precisely controls the time and temperature for each cooking stage to deliver quality rice.

  • Effective Heat Transferation

    It is an excellent heat conductor that helps shorten cooking time, perform uniform heating results, and keep rice warm.

  • Non-Stick Coating

    Extra non-stick performance along with a medical stone fine pattern for an ultimately carefree cooking experience. Moreover, it allows for long durability and scratch resistance to prolong use.

  • Even Heating

    Even heating plates conduct heating vertically. It ensures efficient and stable heating results throughout the inner pot rapidly.

  • Turbo Valve

    The special design of the turbo valve allows air convection, and thus it helps sustain boiling status for quick and fresh delicacies.



  • 5

    Capacity (Ltr)

  • 760

    Power Consumption (W)

  • 17


Full Specifications

  • General Specification
    • Model Number
    • Dimensions (WxDxH) mm
    • Capacity (Ltr)
    • Mode
    • Power Consumption (W)
      760 - 905
    • Min Max Volt
      220 - 240
    • Net Weight (Kg)
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