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Water Dispenser - YL Series


  • Ozone Cleaning

    The unique light indictor is a feature of the set with other categories, and for the dispenser, it will show Ozone Cleaning status.

  • Food Grade Material

    Employed food-grade materials, including SUS304 stainless steel and silicone tube, in all water-contacting parts of the water dispenser, ensuring to offer healthy drinking water to you always.

  • Xpress Cool

    Cooling time is up to 20% faster. It only takes 26 minutes after turning it on to achieve maximum cooling.

  • Saving Electricity

    With Xpress Cool technology which can cool water efficiently, but still with low electrical power.

  • Antibacterial

    Adopting Antibacterial Material: Nano zinc oxide materials in the spout; and Silver zinc in the dispensing area, which can effectively inhibit bacterial growth, ensuring a high level of hygiene.


  • 100

    Cold Power (W)

  • 190

    Hot Power (W)

  • White


Full Specifications

  • General Specification
    • Model
    • Type
      Bottom Loading
    • Product Dimensions (mm) W*H*D
    • Net Weight (Kg)
    • Voltage
    • Chilled water
    • ≥1.0L/Min
    • Hot Water
    • 190W
    • Cooling Watts
    • Heated water temperature ( ํC)
    • Heated water capacity min at 25 ( ํC) Ambient (L/hr)
    • Chilled water temperature - normal ( ํC)
    • 4L/H
    • ≤55dB