Twin Tub - MT 100 Series

Twin Tub Washer - 7 KG

Twin tub washing machine with a capacity of 7 KG, equipped with a deep clean feature that makes the laundry clean as much as possible.
  • Air Fresh

    Thanks to the unique cover AirFresh design, the water can be easily is effectively taken away from clothes by the inner and outer air circulation.

  • Durable Body

    The body design is mainly made of a kind material, which is hardly rusted and more flexible than steel material.

  • Deep Clean

    The independent big and small pulsators will generate different water flows in varying directions and levels to stimulate hand-washing performance. With a removable filter to simply clean up the lint, fluff, and particles.

  • Water Inlet Selection

    The switch can control the water inlet direction, switch to left to wash and right to. Hence there’s no need to move the water inlet pipe anymore.


  • 7

    Capacity (KG)

  • Black and White


  • 320

    Power Consumption (W)


MT100 Thumbnail.png

Full Specifications

  • General Specification
    • Model
    • Dimensions (WxDxH) mm
    • Power Consumption (W)
  • Warranty
    • Motor
      5 Years
    • Sparepart
      2 Years

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