CertiTube instruction

CertiTube instruction

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“CertiTube" trademark is newly introduced to the market that is used to identify the length of the evaporator tube in a split air conditioner. It is created to provide consumers the core information that is often ignored during the purchase process.

Have you ever had an air conditioner that did not cool down the room as you expected? The reason might be the evaporator tube.

An evaporator is the key component in the indoor unit of a split air conditioner. The coiling metal tube inside the evaporator holds the cold refrigerant that absorbs the heat indoor. While the refrigerant circulates in the tube, the heat is transferred outdoors. A longer evaporator tube can hold more refrigerant and has a larger surface area exposed to the air, therefore it improves the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.

The evaporator tube is in coil form where it makes U-shaped turns on the two sides of the evaporator. Longer the tube, more U-shaped turns will be found on the evaporator. In other words, the number of tube turns is a precise indicator to identity the tube length.

*Based on lab conditions, compared with the standard 12K model with 6 tube turns inside.

The CertiTube trademark will be used at the terminal level to help consumers identify the evaporator tube length and the material it is made of. The sticker discloses the number of the tube turns on the evaporator inside the air conditioner and the material it‘s made. Products with CertiTube trademark stickers typically have more tube turns and longer tubes than others in the same capacity, providing a reliable evaporator quality and ideal cooling experience.