Front load dryer

4.4 Cu. Ft. Front Load Dryer

This 4.4 Cu. Ft. front load dryer is perfect for smaller spaces like condos, offering 16 preset drying cycles tailored to handle various fabrics effectively. With efficient sensor drying, it automatically pauses when clothes are perfectly dry, taking the guesswork out of laundry care. The air fluff feature gently removes pet hair, lint, and odors from delicate items such as pillows and comforters. Plus, it keeps clothes wrinkle-free, so your garments are ready to wear straight from the dryer, making laundry day easier and more convenient.
  • Optimize Your Space
    Optimize Your Space

    The perfect solution for smaller spaces, including condos, is its compact size, which maximizes functionality without compromising on space.

  • 16 Pre-set Dry Cycles
    16 Pre-set Dry Cycles

    Choose from 16 preset drying cycles tailored to handle various loads and fabrics, ensuring efficient and effective drying every time.

  • Efficient Sensor Drying
    Efficient Sensor Drying

    Enjoy stress-free drying with automatic pausing when clothes reach ideal dryness, ensuring your laundry is perfectly dried without any guesswork or effort.

  • Air Fluff
    Air Fluff

    Effortlessly removes pet hair, lint, and stale odors from delicate, non-washable items like accent pillows, comforters, and fluffy toys using the air fluff feature.

  • Wrinkle-Free Perfection
    Wrinkle-Free Perfection

    Stay ready for any occasion with fresh, wrinkle-free garments straight from the dryer.



Heat Pump Dryer

Heat pump drying systems recycle heat to enhance energy efficiency and reduce power consumption. They also control temperatures effectively, keeping air below 50℃ to protect delicate high-grade fiber fabrics, making them ideal for both energy-conscious consumers and those needing to care for sensitive textiles.


16 Pre-Set Drying Cycles

Tailor your drying experience with 16 pre-set cycles that cater to specific load types, providing precise control over drying temperatures to ensure your clothes receive optimal care. Choose from options like Normal, Jeans, Quick Dry, and Sanitize to meet your specific laundry needs.


Efficient Sensor Drying

Keep your clothes in top condition with our smart drying technology. Imagine your laundry coming out perfectly dry and ready to wear, like your favourite jeans feeling fresh without any risk of over drying.


Air Fluff

Revitalize and refresh delicate and non-washable items effortlessly with a gentle room-temperature airflow, effectively removing pet hair, lint, and stale odors while maintaining the integrity of items like accent pillows, comforters, and fluffy toys.

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles

Wrinkle-Free Perfection

Forget ironing with just a button press. Wrinkle Prevent provides about 90 minutes of gentle tumbling in cool air at the end of the cycle, reducing wrinkles and keeping your clothes looking fresh effortlessly.


  • 4.4 Cu Ft


  • 16

    No. of Cycles

  • White


Full specifications

  • General Features
    • Model Number
    • UPC
    • Colour
    • No. of Programs
    • Program selection
      "Normal,Delicates,Towels,Heavy Duty,Bulky,Quick Dry,My Cycle, Sanitize,Jeans,Perm Press,Mixed Load,Active Wear,Refresh,Time Dry,Air Fluff,Wool,
    • Function
      Signal, Wrinkle Care, Damp Dry Signal, Time Adjust +/-, Control lock (Hold for 3 sec. (Time Adjust +/-)), My Cycle (Hold 3 sec. to save), Eco Dry
    • Door Lid
      Look Through
    • Door Reversal
  • General Details
    • Capacity (Place Settings)
      4.4 Cu Ft
    • Electrical Requirements
      120/240V /60Hz
    • Net Dimensions (in) (HxW×D)
      25.7 in. × 23.4 in. × 33.5 in.
    • Net Product Weight (lbs)
    • Door Material
  • Additional Details
    • Warranty
      2 Year Warranty (Parts and Labour)



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