8-in-1 11 Quart Two-Zone HeatXpress Air Fryer Oven

8-In-1 11 Quart Two-Zone HeatXpress Air Fryer Oven

Introducing the 8-In-1 11 Quart Two-Zone HeatXpress Air Fryer Oven — your culinary companion redefining kitchen convenience! Engineered with cutting-edge HeatXpress Technology, this oven ensures uniform cooking across its versatile 8 cooking programs, from air frying and grilling to baking and beyond. Its dual cooking zones empower you to cook different dishes simultaneously, while the SmartHome app and Wi-Fi connectivity provide remote control and monitoring flexibility. Perfect for families and food enthusiasts, it guarantees synchronized meal completion with Sync Finish Technology and delivers delightful textures with 360° Rapid Air Circulation. Embrace effortless cooking innovation with this all-in-one marvel, making every meal a masterpiece!
  • HeatXpress Technology
    HeatXpress Technology

    Achieve perfect results every time with even heat circulation throughout the air fryer, ensuring every corner cooks evenly.

  • 8-in-1 Cooking Programs
    8-in-1 Cooking Programs

    Experience 8 essential cooking functions in one versatile appliance: air fry, grill, dehydrate, bake, roast, broil, reheat, and toast, tailored to meet all your cooking needs.

  • Two Cooking Zones
    Two Cooking Zones

    Effortlessly prepare two dishes at once using the two-zone feature: one in the air fryer and another in the oven cavity, simplifying your cooking routine.

  • Perfectly Timed Meals
    Perfectly Timed Meals

    Ensure perfectly timed meals with Sync Finish technology, allowing both air fryer and oven dishes to complete cooking simultaneously for effortless meal coordination.

  • Control At Your Fingertips
    Control At Your Fingertips

    Download the SmartHome app to set cooking preferences, track progress, receive alerts when meals are ready, and explore smart recipes conveniently from your phone.



8-in-1 Cooking Programs

Prepare delicious meals and snacks with ease using our versatile selection of 8 cooking programs: Air Fry, Grill, Dehydrate, Bake, Roast, Broil, Reheat, and Toast. From crispy fries to juicy steaks and delicate pastries, it's tailored to suit all your cooking needs.


Two Cooking Zones

Easily prepare two separate meals or a main dish and a side at the same time with our versatile air fryer and toaster oven combo. The top has a 6-quart air frying basket, while the bottom features a 5-quart traditional toaster oven, making cooking simple and convenient.


Perfectly Timed Meals

Enjoy perfectly timed meals effortlessly with Sync Finish. It automatically aligns the cooking times of both zones, ensuring all your food finishes at the same moment, regardless of settings or temperatures. Whether you're cooking steak on one side and vegetables on the other, both will be ready to enjoy together seamlessly.


Perfectly Even Results

Experience rapid and even cooking throughout your dishes with our 360° Rapid Air Circulation technology. Perfectly crispy fries in the top air fryer basket and succulent roast chicken in the bottom oven, all cooked faster and more evenly than ever before!


Control At Your Fingertips

Transform your cooking routine with the SmartHome app. Monitor dishes in real-time, receive meal notifications, adjust cooking preferences effortlessly, and explore smart recipes, all from your smartphone.


  • 11 Quarts


  • Yes

    Wifi Connected and App Supported

  • 2

    Cook Zones

  • 8

    Number of Cooking Programs

Full specifications

  • General
    • Model Number
    • Color
    • Total Capacity
    • Cooking Programs
    • HeatXpress Technology
    • 360 Degree Rapid Air Circulation
    • Touch Control
    • One-Button Control
    • Sync Finish Function
    • Wi-Fi and App Supported
  • Physical
    • Product Dimensions (W*D*H) inches
      14.1 x 18.2 x 17.7
    • Product Weight (lbs)
      20.17 lbs
    • Accessories
      Crisper Plates, Grill Rack, Grill Tray, Drip Tray
    • Controls
    • Cooking Zones
  • Electrical
    • Voltage
    • Power Supply
      1700 W
    • Electrical Requirements (v Hz)
  • Warranty
    • Warranty
      1 Year Limited Warranty



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