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Midea Unveils its First Pro Shop in Southern Malaysia - Johor, Bringing Optimal Cooling Solutions to the Region

Midea, a renowned global leader in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry, proudly announces the grand opening of its inaugural Pro Shop in Southern Malaysia, in Johor. This significant milestone marks Midea's commitment to providing optimal cooling solutions and professional services to customers in the region.

As the first of its kind in Southern Malaysia, Midea Pro Shop in Johor represents a new era of innovation and excellence in air conditioning technology. Focusing on delivering the highest-quality products and services, Midea aims to elevate the standard of cooling solutions available to customers in Johor and its surrounding areas.

"Our expansion into Southern Malaysia with the opening of our first Pro Shop in Johor reflects our dedication to providing superior cooling solutions to customers across the country," said Mr. Ng Kong Chin, the President of Midea Scott & English Electronics Sdn Bhd. "We understand the unique climate challenges faced by residents in this region, and our goal is to offer innovative and efficient air conditioning solutions that meet their needs."

Midea Pro Shop's mission value, "My Professional Cooling Idea," embodies its commitment to delivering professional-grade cooling solutions tailored to customers' specific requirements in Johor. With the store's comprehensive range of air conditioning products and accessories, customers can expect to find the perfect cooling solution for their homes or businesses.

Furthermore, Midea Pro Shop in Johor boasts a team of highly trained and knowledgeable sales consultants dedicated to providing expert advice and assistance to customers. Whether it's selecting a suitable air conditioning unit for a specific space or seeking guidance on installation and maintenance, customers can rely on the expertise of the Midea team to deliver optimal cooling solutions.

"We are excited to introduce Midea Pro Shop to customers in Johor, offering them access to the latest cooling technologies and professional services," added Ng KC, the President of Midea Scott & English Electronics Sdn Bhd. "With our extensive product lineup and commitment to excellence, we aim to set new standards for cooling solutions in the region and provide customers with the ultimate comfort and satisfaction."

Visit Midea Pro Shop in Johor today to experience the next level of cooling innovation and professional service. Discover how Midea is redefining how Southern Malaysia stays relaxed and comfortable all year round.