• Side by Side Refrigerator
    Whether you’re entertaining or staying in with the family, our side-by-side refrigerators offer all the space and features you need to keep your favorite foods fresh and easily accessible.
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  • 4 Door Refrigerator
    Trendy & Elegant looking, this 4 doors, Multi-air flow to enhance the cool air is circulate inside the fridge, Vacation Mode allow you to set the compartment time off, without worry the food will go bad.
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  • 2 Door Refrigerator
    Refrigerators from Midea provide top performance and reliable food storage in the simple and sleek design. The timeless design creates and contemporary look that will enhance every kitchen. Frozen food is at eye level, allowing for easy access to your favourite foods.
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  • 1 Door Refrigerator
    Perfect for small spaces, like dorms and offices, or to complete your home bar. Our full line of compact refrigerators will meet your needs.
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  • Mini Bar
    Do you often wish you could sip on a mixed drink in the comfort of your home? Are you tired of having your beverages cluttered all around the place? Owing a mini bar could be one of the best choice as it could be simply flexible and personal.
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  • Upright Freezers
    The swing door design allows for convenient use, optimal visibility and easier access to the food inside. Smaller footprint makes them ideal for smaller areas. Depending on your needs, switch between freezer or refrigerator allowing for the ultimate food storage flexibility.
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  • Chest Freezers
    With the help of our reliable freezer storage solutions, you can stock up on frozen meat, favourite foods and treats for the whole family. From busy families, to compact apartments and condos, we have freezer solution to suit your needs. Find the perfect freezer that best fit your living situation.
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  • Showcase
    A properly positioned showcase freezer can not only increase the impression and outlook of the products you are selling but also indirectly increased the likelihood of in-store impulse purchasing.
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