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Graphene is a single monolayer of carbon atoms tightly bound in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. When graphene is added to the anti-corrosion layer, the density of the layer can be improved to resist corrosion.


12.5x* Corrosion Resistance than Blue Fin

* The judgment standard of corrosion resistance is based on comparing the maximum corrosion area ratio of the rating number in JIS Z 2371-2015. Compared samples are Midea fins. 

R32 Wall Mounted Split - Inverter

R32 Wall Mounted Split Inverter

The latest technology, Alpha Chip, Prime Guard, and Smart Save iEco Technology, from the premium airStill Series, Extreme Save Pro Series, Xtream Save Series, Dura Series, All Easy Pro, and Fairy Series, is sure to suit your needs.

Wall Mounted Non-Inverter

R32 Wall Mounted Split Non-Inverter

Stay cool and comfortable without breaking the bank with our Non-Inverter Air Conditioners. Designed to deliver reliable cooling performance, these units are perfect for those seeking effective temperature control without the higher upfront costs. Experience the convenience of straightforward operation and consistent cooling.

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