Built-in Gas Hob with 5.2kW Burners - MGH-2461GL

Built-in Gas Hob with 5.2kW Burners - MGH-2461GL

Ignite Your Cooking Passion for Long Fine burners with surprisingly durable quality, keeping company with you to always bring your food inspiration in your culinary journey.
  • Flame Focused, Flavor Locked In

    Heat Concentration Ring gathers the fl ame and lets the heat directly target the bottom of the pan, providing focused fi re and greater effi ciency. The intense heat is ideal for searing seafood and frying other delicious meals.

  • Fully Mix Gas & O2, Burn To The Limit Of Energy Using

    The Bi-Hybrid Combustion System activates the gas twice to fully mix with the O2, releasing stronger fi re with 65% energy effi ciency, which makes your meal ready in lessen time and energy.

  • Instantly Ignite The Hob Via Knob, As Well As Your Cooking Inspiration

    Just push and turn the knobs, the fl ame can be triggered instantly, so as your culinary inspiration.

  • Temp-Sensing Flame Failure Protection, Guard Your Safety Consciously

    The fire went out all of a sudden? A flame failure device will cut off the gas fl ow to guard your safety.

  • Humanized Design, Care For Every Detail In Cooking

    From the moment you touch Midea hobs, our thoughtful innovative design has been perfecting your culinary journey.


  • Tempered Glass (Natural Crack)


Full specifications

  • General
    • Product dimensions:
      760mm (W) × 445mm (D)
    • Cut out dimension
      645mm (W) × 340mm (D)

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