9.5kg Front Load Washer Invetrer - MF100W95B

9.5kg Front Load Washer Inverter

Auto-Clean - High-speed water flow clears dirt residues off the inner and outer drum to prevent secondary pollution of the clothes.

  • HealthGuard

    Its focuses on Hygiene and Health Care. In MF200, the HealthGuard system points to all cycles in the left line, combined with Auto Clean and Stem Care.

  • Auto Clean

    Auto Clean cycle will be automatically activated to have the inner and outer drums totally cleaned. (includes programs such as Cotton, Mix, Synthetic, Jeans, Cold Wash.)

  • Steam Care

    Steam Care will have the drum heated to develop steam to reach 99.99%* Sterilization. (includes programs such as Allergy Care and Steam Care) • Tested by Vkan Certifi cation & Testing Co., Ltd.

All the Tips You Need to Know about Summer Clothes Care

The fabric of summer clothes is thin and light which is easy to absorb sweat. Without timely washing, you will always find pale yellow sweat stains inside, producing an unpleasant smell. Because of frequent washing, clothes also easy to become wrinkled... These problems are inevitable in the summer. How should we cope with them?  In fact, it's quite simple! The key points are Removing sweat stains and peculiar smell and keeping the clothes flat.

 How to remove sweat stains?

Sweat actually is water containing salt. Water will evaporate when seeps into clothes, leaving behind a layer of salt that will turn yellow over time. 

Solutions: soak in salt water

·         Put a small amount of edible salt in the basin, add water to soak the clothes, change the water once every 10 minutes, and soak about 3 times.

·         After soaking, scrub the sweaty parts such as the collar with laundry detergent, to remove the fresh yellow sweat stains and prevent the clothes from turning yellow.

How to remove the peculiar smells?

The human body metabolizes wastes when sweating, which will penetrate into the cloth through sweat and easily make clothes smelly.

Solutions: add fragrant softener or edible alkali

·         Add fragrant softener if the smell is not very strong, and naturally dry the clothes in a ventilated place exposed to the sun.

·         If the clothes produce sour and foul odors, soak them in water with washing powder/detergent and a little edible alkali, mix well and soak them for at least half an hour, and naturally dry them in a ventilated place. 

But on rainy days, drying outside will make clothes smell worse. In this case, you can use a tumble dryer. 

Midea heat pump dryer has a variety of drying modes, with the ability to dry thin clothes in 20 minutes. Besides, moderate temperature drying thanks to heat pump technology is better than sun exposure! 

How to keep the clothes flat?

Some people prefer to hand wash, but the clothes will become wrinkled, stretched, and deformed when wrung out. 

Solutions: machine wash

· Front-loading washer and top-loading washer cause lower damage to the clothes.

·         The washing machine has a variety of washing programs. A proper program will provide better protection for the clothes! 

If you're in a hurry, the Midea MF200 front-loading washer has a Quick Wash function and with the Midea dryer MD200’s Quick Dry, you can get brand-new clothes in only half an hour!

No matter how hot it is in summer, and how frequently you wash clothes, handle these tips and you can enjoy the pleasure of wearing new clothes every day! 






  • 9.5Kgs


  • 5 Star

    Energy Save Rating

  • 3 Star

    Water Save Rating

Full specifications

  • General
    • Warranty (Full)
      2 years
    • Warranty (Control Panel)
      3 years
    • Warranty (Motor)
      10 years
    • Width (mm)
    • Depth (mm)
    • Height (mm)

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