660L Side By Side Black Glass Inverter Refrigerator

Discover the perfect blend of innovation and elegance with our new White Glass Side-by-Side Refrigerator. Featuring WiFi connectivity, a well-structured design, and a sleek exterior door, it's not just an appliance – it's a statement piece for your modern kitchen
  • Inverter Quattro Compressor

    The Inverter Quattro Compressor and fan inverter speed up in response to cooling demand. It uses less energy, minimizes noise, and keeps the temperature stable.

  • Platinum Fresh

    The porous sponge acts as a carrier, with its surface facilitating adsorption and catalytic support functions. Platinum ions eliminate microorganisms and foul odours by adsorbing them onto the sponge and decomposing them via the catalyst. As air passes through the Platinum Fresh module in the air duct, bacteria, mildew, and undesirable odours are eradicated.

  • Large Capacity With Multiple Individual Compartments

    Discover ultimate convenience with our large-capacity storage solution, featuring multiple individual compartments for optimal organization and easy access. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to efficiency!

  • 660L

    Gross Capacity

  • 564L

    Net Capacity

  • 12 years

    Compressor Warranty

Full specifications

  • Product Features :
    • Build-in Dimension Height (mm)
    • Built-in dimension Depth (mm)
    • Build-in Dimension Width (mm)

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