Aircon Tips

Aircon Tips

Trust only Midea’s authorized service center to keep your air conditioners running smoothly.

Even with scheduled bi-monthly cleanings, filters in busy or pet-friendly homes collect more dirt. Keep yours clear by gently scrubbing the primary filter with soap and water.

Don't strain your aircon. Close curtains to block heat and limit door openings for faster cooling. Save energy while keeping your system efficient.

Extreme temperatures mean constant strain on your AC compressor at 16-18°C. Settle for 23-26°C for comfort, saving money on electricity and ensuring your unit lasts longer. 

Customize comfort with your AC's remote or app. Turbo mode cools swiftly, and Eco mode saves energy. Timer and sleep modes cut nighttime usage. Horizontal and vertical swing ensure even room cooling.

Finding the right AC goes beyond room size. Consider room type, occupancy, insulation, and installation area. Rely on experts for tailored recommendations.

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