Discover things that makes you feel at home.,Discover things that makes you feel at home.

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Laundry Hacks to Try This Rainy Season

The rainy season brings more than just gloomy weather. When it comes to doing your laundry, it might be raining worries for you, too! Caring for your clothes can be very tricky when the weather has become unpredictable. So how do you keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean when the monsoon hits?


Running Through Rainy Days

The rainy season brings more than just downpours. There’s a big chance that many of our homes are not even prepared for the unexpected strong blows. Did you know that very few appliances are water proof, which could lead to repairs or total replacement? Midea appliances are designed to physically withstand wear and tear. With proper care for these home appliances, we can keep them at their best even through damp and soggy days.


It's Raining Myths!

Our home can be a source of many interesting myths. Friends, family, and neighbors – they all have their own stories to tell, especially when the gloomy weather sets in. From leafy vegetables becoming unsafe to consume during monsoons to catching a flu by sitting under a fan or an air-conditioning unit after being drenched in rain, there are countless of rainy season myths that have been passed on from generations and told through time. Join us as we thoroughly check our favorites, and finally answer the question - which ones are fictional and which ones are facts?

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Kiddie Kitchen Cooks

A kitchen is a fascinating place for learning, even for your little curious cooks. Cooking is a valuable life skill that develops motor skills, teaches nutrition and literacy. So if you’re thinking of spicing up the dining table with your kids, just go and let them tinker with different food flavors in the kitchen. Hands-on experiences are particularly vital at this stage in their lives.