Get to Know the World’s No. 1 Residential Inverter Air Conditioner Company

Get to Know the World’s No. 1 Residential Inverter Air Conditioner Company


Whether you’re building a home for your family or getting ready to live on your own, air conditioning should be one of the top things you keep in mind. Keeping your home environment calm, cool and stable efficiently starts with the right appliance. Don’t worry; Midea has you covered. Let’s get to know the World’s No. 1 Residential Inverter Air Conditioner Company.

For over 50 years, Midea has fixed itself as a staple of the home appliance industry and beyond by enhancing millions of homes all over the world. Midea is known for its specialization in air conditioning, refrigeration, laundry, kitchen and cooking appliances. The Midea Residential Air-Conditioner Division (RAC) especially has provided comfort and quality climate control through its comprehensive portfolio of air conditioning products, such as split-type, window, portable, and inverter ACs, as well as dehumidifiers and light commercial units. This range of quality and reliable products established Midea as the World’s No. 1 Residential Inverter Air Conditioner Company in 2023.

To ensure quality in our products and the best air conditioning experience, Midea is committed to manufacturing excellence and product innovation. With dozens of production centers and innovation centers worldwide, not to mention dedicated teams of experts and annual investments worth 3% of its annual revenue, the possibilities are limitless in our research and development. The Midea RAC department aims to have its product line meet the ever-changing demands and needs of air conditioning solutions, formed from a consumer-centric and problem-solving mindset. Along the way, we have acquired over 6,000 patented breakthroughs. Our institutes and design centers across China, Japan, the US and Italy mean that geography is not a barrier to development and is, instead, an opportunity for global thinking.

This strong body of research and development is supported by solid production lines that are just as global. Midea’s air conditioner production capacity exceeds 67 million units a year with 11 top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, and Thailand. Midea keeps its lean and automatic production up to date with over 800 industrial robotics, smart technology, and regular improvements to the quality control systems. Midea’s air conditioning products have brought fresh, comfortable and clean air to homes in over 200 countries, including our very own, thanks to its regular efforts to keep on top of demand.

As the World’s No. 1 Residential Inverter Air Conditioner Company, Midea aims to provide quality and innovative air conditioning solutions anywhere, for cool days in hot climates. Find an air conditioner fit for your home and create the environment best for you, available online and in appliance retailers nationwide. Browse now!

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2. Data Source: Euromonitor International (Shanghai) Ltd., measured in terms of total production volume of residential inverter air conditioners (including OEM brands) in 2022, based on research conducted in July 2023. Inverter air conditioners refer to air conditioners installed with variable-speed drives.


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