Laundry Hacks to Try This Rainy Season

The rainy season brings more than just gloomy weather. When it comes to doing your laundry, it might be raining worries for you, too! Caring for your clothes can be very tricky when the weather has become unpredictable. So how do you keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean when the monsoon hits?

Here are some useful tips and hacks that will help you do your laundry efficiently even when the problem keeps pouring in!

1. Do not wash your clothes in big batches.

Even when you feel like you want to finish your laundry task in one day, washing clothes all at once can be hard and tricky when it is raining. Not only will you hang a pile of clothes to dry, you also have to get it back altogether when the rain starts to pour. 

The key is to do your laundry in small batches. You can try washing the white ones first, then do the colored ones after you’ve stored the previous batch in your closet.

The Midea 8.5Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine has 8 different wash programs to assist you in organizing your clothes in small batches such as Standard, Quick, Bulky, Delicates, Intensive, Mini Wash, Jeans, and Dump Dry options. It also has an automatic function so that you can wash your clothes with ease by simply pressing the start button.

2. Add fabric conditioner.

When your clothes do not get enough heat from the sun, it often causes them to be damp. Bacteria may grow and cause a bad smell on your clothing. 

Adding fabric conditioner not only helps extend the lifespan of your clothes but also helps in keeping your clothes smell good even through the rain. Choose fabric conditioners with anti-bacterial elements to ensure a germ-free laundry.

3. Make sure to space out your clothes when hanging them to dry.

When clothes are hung too close to each other, chances are there will be no space for airflow. Consider spacing them for at least an inch or more. This will speed up the drying process and also lessens the bad smell that damp clothes tend to have.

You might also want to consider getting a washer and dryer in one unit to help you speed up the drying process. Midea’s 10/7Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Combo Washing Machine is a stylish two-in-one unit that conveniently allows you to wash and dry your clothes. It also has a 360-degree dimensional cube drum that helps massage clothes, soaks fabrics, overcomes stain problems, and cleans fabric corners. 

4. Remove clothes from your washing machine as soon as the timer stops.

Did you know that even if you leave your clothes in the drum for a few minutes, it will already start to smell? Make sure to get it out on time – as soon as the timer stops if you can. You can use your phone’s alarm to remind you in case you need to do something else around the house.

Enjoy great savings and convenient washers with Midea’s 6.5Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Machine. It uses an optimum washing-rinse-spin time with its one-touch button. Yes, there’s no complicated programming that makes it perfect for any kind of user. 

5. Avoid odor spread.

Sometimes, we think that 95% dry might be okay, but it’s not. Do not make matters worse by mixing them with completely dried clothes. Bad odor spreads quickly, and if you believe it won’t affect your closet, you have to think again carefully.

6. Don’t just throw your clothes in the bin.

Nobody thinks it is necessary to organize clothes when storing them in hampers. However, storing them in a closed area during the rainy season worsens the smell which does not go away even after you’ve washed them. 

Organize your clothes by hanging some of them instead of putting them all in one place. Put them in a machine when you are ready to wash them.

7. Wash regularly.

Do not leave damp and dirty clothes lying about. The sooner you wash them, the easier it will be to remove those unpleasant odors.

8. Consider drying your clothes indoors.

Sometimes, the sun will come out in the morning, you wash your clothes, and then a few minutes later, the rain pours and continues the entire day. 

Instead of hanging them outside, find an area in your house to let them dry indoors. Fix a clothesline somewhere inside your home or dry them with a fan. You can always bring them back out when the sun starts to peek.

9. Iron away from the moisture.

Big fabrics like bedsheets and comforters can take a long time to dry. Sometimes, as you begin to fold them, you might realize there’s still a bit of moisture in some areas. When this happens, you can try ironing them until they dry up completely. 

Pressing clothes and fabrics help in maintaining cleanliness and a pleasant smell.

10. Use an efficient dryer.

Of course, the dryer is your best friend during the rainy season. Investing in an efficient dryer may be your best bet to overcome the unstoppable monsoon, especially if you have a busy schedule. 

Midea’s 12/8Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Combo Washing Machine has a big wash and spin capacity to save time and energy. It also has an innovative water cube drum that overcomes stain problems and cleans fabric corners.

Make sure your clothes remain fresh, clean, and vibrant with help from technology. Let this rainy season pour out wonderful solutions rather than troublesome worries with Midea! 

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