Midea All Easy Single Split Series Indoor Unit

Midea All Easy Single Split Series Indoor Unit

All Easy Single Split Air Conditioners: An Easier Way To Live Having the ideal air conditioner means it should be fairly easy to use as well as own.When you choose Midea air conditioners, you can res assure the All Easy single split unit is easy to install. clean and maintain with well thought out design and features that provide an all-round,seamless experience



Full specifications

  • Specifications
    • Type
      All Easy Single Split Series Indoor
    • Indoor air flow(Hi Mi Lo)(m3 h)
    • Indoor noise level(Hi Mi Lo)(dB A)
    • Dimension(W*D*H)(mm)
    • Net Gross weight(Kg)
    • Liguid side Gas side Φ(lnch)
      3/8", 5/8"
    • Indoor operating temperature range(°C)
      17 to 30
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