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Midea After Sales Support - Terms & Conditions


NOTE: The service call in relation to this product (“Product”) and any repair made to the Product that is not related to defective materials and/or manufacturing faults in the Product will be charged to the owner of this Product (the “Owner”). Before the Owner requests a service to the Product under this warranty, please check the following to save money.

  • POWER – Check that the power plug is pushed in, and the power is switched on. If there is still no power, check whether there is power at the point by using another appliance.
  • USER CONTROL – Ensure that all user controls are correctly set.
  • INSTRUCTION MANUAL - Please refer to THE OWNER’S INSTRUCTION MANUAL (“Instruction Manual”) for operation, simple troubleshooting, and other information.



1. This warranty:

  • Covers the Product against defective materials and manufacturing faults inclusive of parts and service for the periods as specified respectively above, commencing from the date of original purchase, delivery, or installation by Midea (if any), whichever later.
  • Unless stated, the warranty does not cover product demonstrations.
  • Is valid only to the original Owner of the Product and is non-transferable. This warranty will be applied to the Product which is registered online at www.midea.com/sg/support/product-registration, within 14 DAYS from the date of original purchase.

This warranty is only valid if used SOLELY for domestic use in terrestrial mainland Singapore and Sentosa, and do not extend to any other island or any ship, boat or vessel, and used strictly in accordance with the Instruction Manual for operation of the said Product as provided by Midea. It is strictly not for commercial use.

If you have any difficulties with the Online Registration, please contact Midea at the “Contact Information” below for assistance.


Contact Information

Phone: +65 6655 7666

E-mail: gmcs@midea.com

Address: 151 Lorong Chuan New Tech Park (Lobby E) #04-05, Singapore (556741)


2. Under this warranty:

  • Where a valid warranty claim is made under this warranty, after sales support service will only be provided under safe conditions and circumstances. Midea reserve the right to impose additional charges or may refuse to attend to any of the Product installed locations which are inaccessible and/or hazardous.
  • All charges incurred in connection with the transport of the Product to and from Midea shall be borne solely by the Owner.
  • If the Product or parts of this Product covered under this warranty requires repair, Midea may, at its sole option and discretion, repair, replace or exchange it with an equivalent product or part that is new or refurbished. The ownership of the replaced Product or part of the replaced Product will be passed to the Owner from Midea at the time of the replacement; and/or the ownership of the Product or part of the Product will be passed from the Owner to Midea at the time of the replacement. 
  • Midea reserve the right to impose charges for services on the Product which are outside the coverage of the warranty.


3. This warranty DOES NOT extend to the following:

  • The serial number of the Product has been altered, tampered with, or removed.
  • The Products purchased overseas or from non-authorized dealers or retailers, secondhand sets, products sold "AS IS", "REFURBISHED" or bearing similar notations.
  • The Product has been tampered with, subject to misuse, negligence and damaged while in transit.
  • Defects caused by causes beyond the control including, but not limited to, the Owner’s (including a person who use the Product) negligence, improper installation, fire, lightning, electrical disturbance, negligence, accidents, and other natural disasters or due to failure to maintain the Product according to instruction.
  • Regular maintenance such as cleaning, maintenance, general service, and overhaul.
  • Defects or faults in the Products which have been used for commercial purposes or which have been rented/leased for commercial purposes, or which have been otherwise subject to other than household use. 
  • The Product has not been installed, maintained, used, or operated in accordance with the Owner’s instruction manual. 
  • Damaged or missing parts which do not conform to the sales contract, invoice or packaging which can reasonably be discovered through visual inspections on the date of purchase or immediately thereafter must be reported within 1 WEEK from the date of purchase, failing which, no defects will be deemed to be present at the time of purchase. 
  • Consumables including accessories and optional items (i.e., remote controls, LED or battery covers, casing, plastic panels, control knobs, electrical plugs, and cables, and/or other detachable parts). 
  • Warranty certificate is altered, defaced, or erased in any manner whatsoever. 
  • Components parts which require replacement in the ordinary course of use due to normal wear and tear by reasons of their characteristic, including accessories. 
  • External appearance of the Product against damages, corrosion, rust, scratches, dents, and aging. 
  • The Product has undergone, repairs, modifications, or dismantled by any other person prior verification of approval by Midea. 
  • Cracking sounds – This sound generated by the expansion/constriction of the front panel, back covers etc. due the changes of temperature. 


4. To the fullest extent permissible by law, Midea liability under this warranty is expressly limited to repairing, replacing, and/or exchanging the defective Product with an equivalent product only. Midea (including the affiliates, agents and contractor of Midea) will not under any circumstances or under legal theory (whether based in contract, tort, or otherwise) be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential losses and/or damages, including without limitation, property damage, personal injury, lost time, loss of data, delays in servicing or the inability to render service on any covered Product.

5. Without the written and express consent from Midea or agreement with Midea, the Owner shall not vary the terms and conditions of this warranty.

6. Midea reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without any prior notice.

7. Midea reserve the right to reject the warranty claim not registered or shall there be any non-observance of above terms and conditions.

8. All decisions by Midea in respect of this warranty (including repairs, replacements or issues relating to defects of workmanship or materials) shall be conclusive and binding on the Owner.

9. It is necessary for Midea to collect, transfer, and process personal data to facilitate the requested after sales support service. Midea will use and protect the Owner’s personal data at any time and in any country subject to the Privacy Policy which is indicated at Midea homepage (managed and run by Midea)